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[TaskProcess] OpenSCADA adapting to the Android OS. Tablet Asus Nexus 7 II workout

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Written on: 06. 12. 2015 [19:00]
Roman Savochenko
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Base: OpenSCADA adapting to Android OS
Funding: welcomed and 3000WMR now
Current difficulty (spent time): 20 days
Begin: 06.12.2015
Priority: middle
State: Qt5 work out. Full-featured compiling and execution as a native executable "openscada" with the core library "liboscada.3 and some main modules as included and external ones.
Project page: Tablet Asus Nexus 7 II, the work of adapting to Android OS

Tablet Asus Nexus 7 II work out:
(+) ROOT access.
(+) Molti-boot installation.
(-) Android OS version 5 or other last installation.
(-) A full-featured Linux environment installation in parallel through the Multi-boot.
(-) Deploy OpenSCADA as a solution into light "chroot" and a screen through X11 by XDMCP.

Adaption to Android:
(+) read a book about Android NDK, using of Android NDK and Crystalx-NDK;
(+) compiling for tests, education and execution;
(+) initially (minimum) build and execute OpenSCADA for console (without GUI): PCRE, OpenSCADA Core, builtin modules: Transport.Sockets, Protocol.SelfSystem, DAQ.JavaLikeCalc, Special.FLibMath;
(+) make the performance tests for Soft and Hard float.
(+) compile for all OpenSCADA key modules to include/builtin them into the core.
(+) compile for needed external libraries: OpenSSL, SQLite, GD [expat,libpng,jpeg,fontconfig,freetype], intl, iconv.
(+) rebuild all already built parts into the original Ndk (outward the standalone one);
(+) build Qt5: in the default configuration, with the early built libraries;
(+) initial build OpenSCADA with Qt5;
(-) build and observe an example of Qt5 as a Java package (APK), see also to UAExpert;
(-) adapt OpenSCADA to Qt5 on Android and build as a Java package (APK);
(-) write a start manager on Java, like to "openscada_start" script, or expand the module UI.QTStarter for the OpenSCADA projects management function;
(-) add for using QtWebView for last Qt5 and at QtWebKit miss;
(-) expand for the module DAQ.System by the Android sensors.

Learn, learn and learn better than work, work and work.

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