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This page contain information about works which made under the project, and contain history of works which have been finished.

1 General development map (RoadMap)

This page contains general development map. Generic elements of this map is official releases of system OpenSCADA. To view functions which are to be given by the release here can be described key changes in the system and their release dates or progress. RoadMap page

2 To do tasks

The plan is not connected to time but it is structured per subsystems. The plan serves to describe the overall picture of development and to make notes for the considering of developers. Developers may mark tasks which are to be done. To do tasks' page

3 Completed tasks

This report generalize the work of all developers and provides the full picture of changes per items. Completed tasks.

4 Tests, analysis of work

This page contains results of testing OpenSCADA system includes the releases tests, intermediate and comparative tests, subsystems, and also analysis of work and activity for optimization. Tests page