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Live disks from Automation Linux distributive of the project OpenSCADA are built in several versions based on Linux distributions Debian, ALTLinux (old versions) and available for download, in the latest version of OpenSCADA, here: Existing live builds from OpenSCADA have much more features than expected from the beginning:

  • The ability to transparently save work changes when written to USB Flash. The function is provided by creating a disk partition, with the ability to record, on a free space of the USB-Flash. This partition is reflected on the root of the file system, or its parts, and all changes are written to it. In addition to storing work data in this section, you can install missing software packages from the Debian package repository, OpenSCADA or ALTLinux.
  • Ability to combine an ordinary Flash data disk with a live Flash disk. Means recording live disk data directly to the USB-Flash file system — FAT16 or FAT32, which stores the functions of the usual data storage and adds the function of the live disk.
  • Ability to install the environment of the live disk on a stationary storage. Allows you not to engage to the Linux operating system in-depth study and immersion when its installing, its configuring and OpenSCADA deployment. Enough boot from the live disk, make sure that the main hardware is determined normally, the required programs work and next, through a simple procedure from the desktop icon or a separate boot menu, install it on a stationary storage. The resulting installation will be identical to the environment of the live disk.