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To maximize ease of deployment of OpenSCADA you can use live builds of CD, DVD and USB boot disks from Automation Linux distributive of the project OpenSCADA. A live disk provides the ability to download directly from it, and quickly get the desired working environment. When downloaded and running, the live disk does not use regular media, that is, you can not worry about the integrity and consistency of data on them. In general, a live disk is a convenient tool with a wide range of necessary software tools at hand and independent from the stationary software environment capable of implementing:

  • demonstration and familiarization with the possibilities of OpenSCADA;
  • installation of the complete, exhaustive and verified environment of an automated workplace (AWP);
  • diagnostics of the software and hardware environments, as well as their recovery, in some cases;
  • formation in special editions containing everything related to the target solution: technical and program documentation, PLC and ARM configurations, ...