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The first part of alarms, with which the OpenSCADA works initially, and which is most needed, is notifications in various ways. Since the notification is part of the visualization interface, they are implemented in the VCA engine UI.VCAEngine and in the visualizers UI.Vision, UI.WebVision. Currently, notifications and alarms OpenSCADA subsystem implements the following functions:

  • Notification:
    • Light — blinking of the object, the signaling group, the general status with the alarm color.
    • Sound — playing the sound file, or speech synthesis from text, associated with the alarm;
    • Beep — a continuous signal to the system, "Beeper", regardless of the alarm.
  • Quittance of the alarm notification:
    • Full — by clicking on the colored blinking circle of the alarm status (the "ws_alarmLev" event), bottom right:
    • By the notification way — separate the light (the event "ws_alarmLight"), sound (event "ws_alarmSound") and the beep (the event "ws_alarmAlarm"), by pressing a button with the corresponding image, bottom right, or under the buttons of display options;
    • By the alarm object — to the visual presentation image it can be added the quittance command of the notification directly by itself;
    • Alternately with listening — it is character of the sound notification, because every alarm object can provide its own sound notification or the speech synthesis.