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The live disks with OpenSCADA built into several variants based on distributive ОS Linux Debian and ALTLinux (old versions) and allowed for downloading to accorded OpenSCADA version here: Current live builds with OpenSCADA have much more functions than have been planed originally:

  • Saving work changes transparently, on writing to USB-Flash. The feature achieved by creation disk's partition to write, on a free USB-Flash space. The partion mirrored to file system's root and all modifications will write to it. Besides the work data saving to the partition you can install needed program packages from the packages repository Debian, OpenSCADA or ALTLinux.
  • Combination of typical data storage and live Flash-disk. The feature achieved by writing the live disk's image direct to the USB-Flash file system — FAT16 or FAT32, what preserves the typical data storage's functions and appends the live-disk function.
  • The live disk environment installation to stationary data storage. That allow for you do not deeply learning to the operation system Linux on it installation, configuration, and also OpenSCADA deployment. You enough to load from the live disk, to check for all hardware correct detection and all need program work, then, by simple procedure aid from the icon on desktop, or the separated boot menu, to install its to the regular storage. The resulting installation will exactly repeat the live disk environment.