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[TaskDone] Raspberry Pi work out

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Roman Savochenko
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Base: Smart-home sensors and solutions work out
Funding: nope
Begin: 06.12.2015
Priority: middle
State: Mostly finished.
Project page:

(+) Raspbian WHEEZY installation from
(+) OpenSCADA packages building and placing to the OpenSCADA Debian 7 packages repository.
(+) OpenSCADA packages installation and the hardware performance properties measuring.
(+) Some packages building to the OpenSCADA Debian 7 packages repository: tdelibs, tdebase, mc
(+) TDE R14 installation and it's generic configuration.
(+) AutoBuilder's part starting, for ARMHF, only for Debian 8 (Jessie) but the cross-build here present.
(+) A WIFI module purchasing and connection.
(+) A simple, text, display 1602A purchasing and connection. New module based on libBCM2835 DAQ.BCM2835 appending to OpenSCADA. Write a script to the display 1602A negotiate.
(+) DHT11 sensor connection to OpenSCADA direct.
(+) Module Transport.Serial expand for the bus I2C support.
(+) Sensors purchase and connect it to the I2C bus: PCF8591, PCF8574, DS3231, AT24CXX
(+) 1Wire adapters DS9097 and DS9097U produce for RS232.
(+) All allowed chips and sensors connect to the 1Wire bus: DS1820, DS2413, DS2408, DS2450, DS2438
(+) Raspberry Pi 3 purchase and work out.
(+) DAQ.JavaLikeCalc expand for dynamic linking to static external functions.
(+) Direct configurable implementing of the GPIO devices: DHT, 1602A
(Delayed) A camera purchase and connect.
(Delayed) Some sensors purchasing and connection to the SPI bus.
(-) OrangePiZero: connect a device to the I2C bus;
(-) OrangePiZero: connect a device to the Serial bus,
(-) OrangePiZero: try to adapt 1Wire (DS9097) to the Serial buses;
(-) OrangePiZero: the specific GPIO support implement for OpenSCADA;

Learn, learn and learn better than work, work and work.
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