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OpenSCADA это открытая реализация SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) и HMI (Human-Machine Interface) системы. Основными свойствами программы является: открытость(Внутренняя ссылка открывается в текущем окнеGPL,GFDL), модульностьмасштабируемость и многоплатформенность. Читать больше здесь или посмотреть функциональные характеристики программы здесь.

Сайт содержит материалы по OpenSCADA и служит для предоставления информации о проекте, а также для управления процессом разработки программы, совместно с Внешняя ссылка открывается в новом окнеWiki-ресурсом проекта.


Последние новости:

Вторник 20. Август 2019

The main elements library of the user interface appended for the "Users manager" frame

The element-frame serves to control users from the user interface itself. That is, typically this feature is provided to the SCADA programmer at the Security subsystem configuration, but sometimes there is a need to provide this capability from the user interface and with a few restrictions on controlled users and their groups that this frame performs and generally provides:

  • forming a list of controlled users;
  • the ability to view and change user information for: name, full name, description, password and groups;
  • adding new and deleting existing users.

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Четверг 15. Август 2019

The root page frame of the main elements library of the user interface is significantly expanded and documented

The frame "Root page" is a base element of most interfaces built in OpenSCADA and it was completely documented and significantly expanded for:

  • dynamization of forming the signal object buttons from one base button, with the result possibility of forming very number of signal objects, up to 100 for short names.
  • dynamization and unification of the types of view to their abstract encoding as "viewN", with the result possibility to appoint any other mean to the type of view.
  • correct cleaning the control panels container.

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Понедельник 12. Август 2019

Analysis of the memory consumption and efficiency of the UI module WebVision in the busy environments

The module UI.WebVision was observed in extra memory consumption on a real big task working on Debian 9.

There were performed several actions of measuring about this module work on different Debian versions: 7, 8, 9, 10; where we have seen the clear degradation of effectivity of the memory allocation on Debian versions from 8.

Contacting the Debian community we revealed this problem as a disadvantage of GLibC in implementing memory arenas, which can be highly fragmentated in program environments what actively recreating the threads, due to linking the arenas to threads.

So, to fix this behaviour, we need to set the environment variable MALLOC_ARENA_MAX=1, what was be done for all live disks of the automation Linux distributive.

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Понедельник 12. Август 2019

The graphics group frames of the main elements library of the user interface appended for the graphic parameter calculation

The element implements a dialog of user calculation of the selected graph parameter for the graphically visible data. The user is given an option to select calculations from the built-in library, the privileged user ("root" or in the "ITW" group) has the opportunity to edit or write their own calculation procedure.

In general, the built-in library currently contains the following functions of the user calculation:

  • Sum, at hour.
  • Average and range.

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Четверг 25. Июль 2019

Debian Linux 10

At releasing the Debian Linux version 10 the OpenSCADA project was adapted to this version for:

- creating the proper building chroot-archives;

- building up the OpenSCADA packages and adaptation in general to build OpenSCADA in the environment of GCC 8 and Qt 5.11;

- expanding the Automation Linux repository and building the new Live disks;

- fixing OpenSCADA for executing the binaries built by GCC 8;

- expanding the automatic builder for building the packages and Live disks.

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