The reports' and documents' library is finished in the forming-revision

10.02.2020 20:00 Age: 227 days
Category: NewsDevelopment

By: Roman Savochenko

The "Instantaneous values report" document in the runtime mode.

The library is created to provide report and document elements-frames of the user interface and it contains graphic elements, often need when forming the user interface of the automation of technological and common processes. The library is mostly built on the basis the primitive "Document" and the internal programming language JavaLikeCalc, for the related functions also.

The element's names and their parameters are available in languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian. Their source code wrote in human-language independent mode with calls for the translations by the function tr() and the message's translation also allowed for English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Forming of the library was finished by complete documenting and revising.

The functions library of the reports was appended by a diagrams in SVG forming function.

The frames docRepInstVals, docRep2WorkSh, docRepDay and docRepMonth was significantly rewrote, improved and made secondly usable in the way of DAQ-parameters connecting.