The main library of the DAQ-source templates is finished in the forming and applied the new conception of forming the DAQ-violations

05.11.2019 13:00 Age: 1 year
Category: NewsDevelopment

By: Roman Savochenko

Operative setup the template "PID signal (unified, violation statuses)".

The library was created to provide main templates of the DAQ-sources processing and related services.

The template's names and their parameters are available in languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian. Their source code wrote in human language independent mode with calls for the translations by function tr() and the message's translation also allowed for English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Forming of the library was finished by forming the related document by appending the PID-templates: "PID signal (unified, violation statuses)" and "Impulse PID signal (unified, violation statuses)".

In the library completion, there was applied the new conception of forming DAQ-violations by the function DAQ.alarmSet()!