Domain oscada.org OFF-LINE

18.06.2013 19:03 Age: 8 yrs
Category: News

By: Roman Savochenko

During the last week, from 11.06.2013 to 18.06.2013, the domain "oscada.org" was not available for its intended purpose by the domain term renewal problems.

Originally the domain "oscada.org" was register on the portal "crystalcube.biz" in 2009. Until now (2013) here was not significant problems, although it should be immediately noted for some confusion into the portal control panel.

This year (2013) the suspicions began to emerge over the month before expiration the domain term, when by first reminder I had transfer money for three years and had prepare request to renewal. The request long time hang with message:

"One or more your doings wait for execution.
Doing requested: Renewal of oscada.org for 3 years"

I think the message would not rise suspicions for more peoples, also I calmed down before next reminder was repeated, and about the suspicion I had wrote (21.05.2013) to tech-support, but without any reply again. Next I had several unsuccessful attempts for reissue the renewal request.

Just before the domain "oscada.org" expiration term I were wrote several messages to the portal tech-support by all possible methods, and also had direct calls. Any responds also were not followed, and to the calls I had responds only from answerphone. During the problem resolving I found that request unsuccessful by no enough reseller funds of the domain registrar:

Order Locked In Processing.
Reseller has insufficient funds on Tue Jun 11 16:22:17 GMT 2013

After that situation and despair I were decided for transfer the domain "oscada.org" to other registrant. By the transfer procedure was too long, 6 days, if first registrant does not provide any conduce to that. Moreover this registrant placed self parking page's domain names to fields "NameServer" and cut off the domain from my server.

In this way, by registrant "crystalcube.biz" fault, and rather by full lack tech-support per him the domain "oscada.org" was into OFF-LINE during overall week. Let this little opus will be as "recommendation" for current and potential users of the registrant "crystalcube.biz"!


Thanks to all interested for concern and participation in solving the problem!