Changing the registration conditions and rules on the OpenSCADA site

01.12.2021 11:18 Age: 1 year
Category: News

By: Roman Savochenko

There was enabled the user registration approving by the site administrator and was changed Internet-channel of the OpenSCADA server, hence provided conditions to the registration public information.

The registration agreement is enabled in order to streamline the user base and exclude outright bots and spammers, as well as "education" of the occupying "population" of Ukraine, and in general the countries of the mental prison "MRussia", and therefore exclusion from the site of the outspoken occupier. The activation of the registration agreement was accompanied by the completion of the translation of the registration module into Ukrainian.

On the other hand, the previous ISP actually disconnected the OpenSCADA project server from the network (November 14) and did not restore the channel up to the month end, ie within half month (16 days). Therefore, on November 17, the channel of another provider was connected, which provided in any way unblocked access to the network, ie e-mail from the domain oscada.org now goes directly and without any SMTP-relays, for which the server static IP was cleared from blacklists, added for the server authentication and registered for rDNS. Therefore, the e-mail should not be lost and the conditions for registration information should be introduced.

The PRIMARY condition for the registration information is its pithiness, as a sign of respect for the community of users and developers of the OpenSCADA project to which the new user joins. Names in other than the "Name Surname" form will cause to the registration request decline!

The EDUCATIONAL condition is the provision of registration information by citizens of Ukraine in Ukrainian language, respectively, or international, ie English for the world community, which is also mandatory for representatives of other countries under the mental influence of the prison of nations. The information provided by the occupying slapper will be considered a sign of the occupier's slave, or the occupier himself, and you must directly indicate your mental affiliation with the prison of nations MRussia in the registration, which will be agreed, but you will NOT RECEIVE free support directly from the developers, how any of the prison of nations by the slapper — communicate meaningless among the "brothers-occupiers".

As for the database of already registered users, it is currently being brought to the above conditions, ie all those who do not meet the INITIAL condition are unconditionally deleted, and those who do not meet the EDUCATIONAL condition are turned off and will be deleted in a year if they do not want to correct the information. Users who had the status of developer or contributors, ie participated in the project, are warned and in case of disagreement or silence are also turned off, although not removed completely to preserve authorship.

The free OpenSCADA software project is developed by free peoples for free ones, so slaves are asked not to disturb, because "free" is not a freebie which should also be accompanied by free consultations, and do not get off the enslaving closed software, which you are sometimes "humanly" allowed to steal - sit down, and then "absolutely humanly" be ROB a hundred!!! :-)