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Saturday 22. October 2016

Module "DBArch" of subsystem "Archives" significant expanded


The module expanded to grouped values archivation and set optimal significantly for the archives reading by the pre-loading extension of seek request of DB. The module documentation updated and translated.

The module designed for archiving messages and values of OpenSCADA to a database maintained by OpenSCADA.

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Saturday 17. September 2016

On 17 September 2016 in city Kiev (Ukraine): The conference of developers and users of the free software — FOSS 2016: "OpenSCADA — achievements, perspectives and 0.9LTS plans"

The conference was a success. On the conference was read the report about achievements, perspectives and 0.9LTS version plans of the project OpenSCADA.

Great thanks for OSDN!

The conference site is: osdn.org.ua

During the last three years the project OpenSCADA continued in self progress into the mode of deep stability with elements of expanding the allowed functions and it's directing to perform conditions and tasks of releasing a new stable version 0.9, there was done firstly of the OpenSCADA own server deploy, the project's resources planed update and creation of new services. Into the report shows the significant progress at the last three years and the now implementing plans, and the nears future plans.[more]

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Tuesday 28. June 2016

Update 16 to the production release of OpenSCADA 0.8 LTS

The update 0.8.16 (28.06.2016) to the production release of long term support (LTS) targets to upgrade present installations of the production version for fix known for now problems and expand its to some improvements with operative services updates providing here for signed to the technical support service users. The update you can use for deploy new installations but for that better use The Work version (0.9) which provides more new features, modules, the component libraries and so on!

Generically the update fixed about 35 bugs and append some improvements:

  • API:
    • Changes:
      • SYS,Transport,DAQ.DAQGate,UI.{QTCfg,Vision,WebCfgD}: External host upraise is implemented by the function extHostList() extension, the requests reforwarding by function cntrIfCmd() and the input part of the self-system protocol. *: pthread_mutex, MtxAlloc and MtxString moved to the mutex wrapper object ResMtx.
      • DAQ: API functions...[more]

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Sunday 17. April 2016

ACS of the ball drum mills BDM 287/410 of the boiler #7,8,9 of BKZ 160–100 PT

  • 2016-11-23: service #5
  • 2015-12-22: finished for BDM8
  • 2010-08: finished for BDM7,9

Founded: Jul 2009 for BDM7,9; 26 Jun 2015 for BDM8

Members: Roman Savochenko, Maksim Lisenko (2009-2010), DIYA Ltd

Description: Automation Control System (ACS) of loading two ball drum mills "BDM 287/410" of boilers #7, 8, 9

Location: Ukraine, Kramatorsk city, CHP

Customer: Limited liability company (Ltd) "Kramatorskteploenergo", Osipov Jury Mikolajevich

Initially created: in the old Wiki[more]

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Sunday 17. April 2016

ACS of Phosphating, Amination and Hydrazine of boiler BKZ 160–100 PT

  • 2016-11-23: service #5
  • 2015-12-14: service #4
  • 2015-12: finished for the continuous blowing
  • 2015-11-17: service #3
  • 2015-07-29: service #2
  • 2015-03-10: service #1
  • 2014-12: finished

Founded: October 2013

Members: Roman Savochenko, DIYA Ltd

Description: Automation Control System (ACS) of Phosphating, Amination, Hydrazine, Continuous blowing of the boiler's water of boilers BKZ 160–100 PT №6,7,8,9

Location: Ukraine, Kramatorsk city, CHP

Customer: Limited liability company (Ltd) "Kramatorskteploenergo", Osipov Jury Mikolajevich

Initially created: in the old Wiki[more]

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Tuesday 08. March 2016

Automation Linux distributive on OpenSCADA

Live/Install/Service disk

The Automation Linux distributive on OpenSCADA moved to Debian packages base and described into proper project.

Of while for the project OpenSCADA was needed to create specialized builds of Linux environments kind of PLC firmwares, Live and installation disks for Automatic Work Places (AWP) and rapid familiarization of the OpenSCADA program. In begin it was enough to use standard Linux repositories, firstly it was ALTLinux and currently it is Debian. But in reason of needs to some packages of the Linux distributive fix, update and rebuild there was created self repository of this packages together with OpenSCADA packages.

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Sunday 07. February 2016

OpenSCADA internet resources moved fully to new project's server and internet channel

OpenSCADA resources new hosting.

OpenSCADA project's all internet resources were moved to new self-project hosting and wider internet channel and domain name "oscada.org" was switched to it. Primarily the resources are: the WEB-site, WIKI-knowledge base, File-resources, EMail and repository of source codes.

Also for next the server's infrastructure of OpenSCADA project represents, traces and manages the proper project's page was created in the location.

From begins the OpenSCADA resources hosted on a main server of DIYA Ltd. From 2015 year the OpenSCADA project had own a server and an internet channel thanks mostly to Beams&Plasmas funding.

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Tuesday 02. February 2016

Documentation of the "OPC-UA" module significantly updated and translated


The module documentation at last actualized to the current modules state, significant updated and translated. In the documentation added the OPC-UA specific code moving to library libOPC-UA and the library mostly described in structural and it's API. Also there added the table (in an appendix) of OPC-UA specification/services implementation state and the compatibility with different manufacturers of the OPC-UA software.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) — it is the family of protocols and technologies that provide the single interface to control the objects of automation and technological processes. The creating and support of specifications of OPC coordinates an international nonprofit organization OPC Foundation, established in 1994 by the leading manufacturers of industrial automation.

This module implements the interface and protocol support for OPC-UA in the form of client service, and as the OPC-UA server. Client service of OPC-UA is implemented by the same name module of the subsystem "Data...

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Sunday 31. January 2016

The module "Siemens" of the subsystem "Data acquisition" significantly expanded


The module expanded to self implementing of ISO-TCP protocol. The task done mostly by Proviron Holding NV request by the the library LibnoDave specific crashes present. Also performed: restoring timeout addition, significant refactoring for the resources lock, error messages and other. The changes hard tested for a week.

Besides the expands was done the documentation full actualization and translation.

The primary aim of creating the module is to provide support for industrial controllers of firm Siemens of series S7(S7-200,300,400).

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Saturday 12. December 2015

The module "Diamond DAQ boards" of the subsystem "DAQ" significantly updated


The module updated to allow for the boards of FIFO access and wide support for other "Diamond Systems" boards expand support. Formal announce by the task and it documenting finish.

The boards of data acquisition of Diamond Systems represent the modules of expansion of the PC/104 form-factor. Boards may include: analog IO (input/outputs), digital IO, and counters. Complete constitution of the cards can vary greatly. There can be contained only one type of IO or some theirs mix. In addition, the function of data acquisition can be given to system boards of this company. For example, the motherboard "Athena" contains: 16 AI, 4 AO, 24 DIO.

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