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Monday 17. February 2020

The reports' and documents' library appended for the year report of the month values (docRepYear)

The document is provided for generating a year report of the month values in view of the trends diagram and the data table. The document is the dynamic type. The document commonly uses and represents the representative structure of the DAQ-template "Analog signal". As a data source of this document is the value archives of the DAQ-parameters mostly.

The document first introduced the manual entry of archival values of a large measurement time interval, which in this case is a month, as an undetermined interval. This feature is of great relevance for counters that for one reason or another cannot be connected to the system directly, with continuous measurement or periodic uploading of archive parts.

Manually entered data is stored whether traditionally in an archive of values, with only one value recorded per representative interval, that is, with unreliable values between them; or as a separate entry with a value in the message archive, also introduced for the first time by this document.

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Monday 10. February 2020

The reports' and documents' library is finished in the forming-revision

The library is created to provide report and document elements-frames of the user interface and it contains graphic elements, often need when forming the user interface of the automation of technological and common processes. The library is mostly built on the basis the primitive "Document" and the internal programming language JavaLikeCalc, for the related functions also.

The element's names and their parameters are available in languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian. Their source code wrote in human-language independent mode with calls for the translations by the function tr() and the message's translation also allowed for English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Forming of the library was finished by complete documenting and revising.

The functions library of the reports was appended by a diagrams in SVG forming function.

The frames docRepInstVals, docRep2WorkSh, docRepDay and docRepMonth was significantly rewrote, improved and made secondly usable in the way of DAQ-parameters connecting.


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