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Friday 20. September 2019

The main elements library of the user interface appended for the extended alarms control frames

The alarm frames serves:

  • Alarms — active (alarmsAct) — to dynamically display the active violations in a tabular form and to highlight them in color and text
  • Alarms — state (alarmsSt) — to display the violations history and to update their dynamically for the current time in a full-format tabular form, to highlight them in color and text and the possibility of multilevel filtering
  • Alarms — report (alarmsStReport) — to display a report document based on a list of violations received from the previous full-format frame of presenting the violations history.

The violations are obtained from the buffer of current-active violations of OpenSCADA and archive(s). In fact, the element implements the primitive "Protocol" functions for violations and extension opportunities.

The main user extension is the ability to define visible table fields from a list of options: atm, qttm, nrmtm, lev, cat, mess, prm, dscr, dscrCust{N}, alrm, cmnt.


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