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Wednesday 31. January 2018

Completed full revision of the most significant and largest document "Program manual"

The document "Program manual" is the most significant and largest document of OpenSCADA and it was completed for its full revision on the new Knowledge Base (Wiki) of OpenSCADA. At the way the document was translated to Ukrainian and appended by the part "Startup and execution".

That is the releasing of the OpenSCADA version 0.9 LTS is also official started, the schedule-task of the process was prepared and it completion planned to 01.05.2018.

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Tuesday 30. January 2018

OpenSCADA projects integration to the OpenSCADA core and UI.QTStarter

To unify and expand the functionality, and "openscada_start" script exploitation experience, the essence of the project was integrated into the OpenSCADA core and the module UI.QTStarter of the local graphical interfaces execution. Therefore, the OpenSCADA core, namely the primary "openscada" binary file, involves determining the configuration file, the data folder and the name by the specified project name and switching to that configuration. Creating the interface elements for selecting and creating new projects implements the UI.QTStarter local graphical interface module. Administrative functions of the project manager are moved to a separate command line script "openscada-proj" because of the specificity of these operations to the software platform, and therefore the need for a simple adaptation to this specificity.

The UI.QTStarter module also was significantly refactored and expanded for starting and collapsing to the system tray and for the custom control of the Look and Feels of the Qt interfaces.

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