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Tuesday 01. August 2017

Migration to a new Wiki engine on MediaWiki


Project's knowledge base (Wiki) switched to a new one based on MediaWiki!

For now the new Wiki is under construction and most important articles are being migrated from the old Wiki, but cross-links are allowed and you for any time can use the original articles.

This new Wiki has allowed to register new users then if you want, competent into OpenSCADA scope and know any language from English, Ukrainian or Russian then you can join and improve the migrated articles of the new Wiki!

03.08.2017 Free users registrations was closed but in the net more bots and spammers which use this ability.

Later there will be appended synchronization of users-participants from the main site and all other languages for translation.

Actual knowledge base (on WackoWiki) migrating to a new Wiki engine on MediaWiki but the previous Wiki mostly deprecated and has more limitations and inconveniences and it is a condition of OpenSCADA 0.9 LTS releasing.

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