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Wednesday 14. December 2016

OpenSCADA expandings to direct work with the low-level buses and devices: 1Wire, I2C, GPIO

Low-level devices experiment in OpenSCADA

Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 boards were purchased as a platform for free access to low-level buses from Linux and OpenSCADA environments.

For allow to work with Raspberry Pi GPIO the OpenSCADA was expanded by new DAQ module BCM2835. For work with the bus I2C the OpenSCADA module Transport.Serial was expanded to I2C support. To provide a configurable fast access by the the static external functions call the DAQ.JavaLikeCalc module was expanded to the functions dynamic linking.

For working with the 1Wire bus there were developed RS232 adapters DS9097, DS9097U and created proper templates into OpenSCADA. Also the templates have included support of the different 1Wire chips: DS1820, DS1820/DS18S20/DS1920, DS1822, DS2413, DS2408, DS2450, DS2438.

I2C bus was tested on the Raspberry Pi boards for chips: PCF8591, PCF8574, DS3231, AT24CXX.

GPIO was tested for devices: DHT, 1602A.

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