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Saturday 22. October 2016

Generic documentation of "Data acquisition in OpenSCADA" significant updated, appended and translated

Data acquisition in OpenSCADA

The documentation actualized to the current OpenSCADA state and trends, significant updated, appended and translated. The documentation described in details the new data sources redundancy mechanism.

Data acquisition of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)-system is its integral part, which get data from sources of different type. The nature of data, which operates SCADA, is characterized by signals of basic value's types (Integer, Real, Boolean and String). The signals vary over time and has their history, life. In the theory of technological processes (TP) under the signal it's meant the value of TP sensor in the ADC code, "raw" signal or in the real value. Signals can be combined into groups, which are often called parameters. For example, the advanced data sources can provide the structures of parameters with the predefined set of related signals. In addition to the direct data acquisition in the function of this mechanism is also included the transfer of actions to control devices of...

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Saturday 22. October 2016

Module "DBArch" of subsystem "Archives" significant expanded


The module expanded to grouped values archivation and set optimal significantly for the archives reading by the pre-loading extension of seek request of DB. The module documentation updated and translated.

The module designed for archiving messages and values of OpenSCADA to a database maintained by OpenSCADA.

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