Release OpenSCADA 0.9 LTS !!!

17.06.2018 22:00 Age: 5 yrs
Category: NewsRelease

By: Roman Savochenko

OpenSCADA on Android

The release of OpenSCADA, an open SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system, version 0.9 is a stable industrial release of the long-term support (LTS).

The main purpose of the release is to provide an updated and stable platform for building integrated automation systems and other adjacent solutions for the community of users and developers of the free software. Also, the release is intended to become an actual and solid foundation for commercial solutions building.

Currently, 0.9 LTS is announced as a stable version, and 1 Work as a working version.

01.07.2018: Building of the Linux packages expanded by: Debian 9 ARMHF, Ubuntu 18.04 and SuSE 15.

05.07.2018: Signing of the binary packages and the repositories expanded by: signing RPM-repositories, signing individual RPM and DEB packages.

10.07.2018: Live disks improved and fixed for: sub-menu of other languages, switching keyboard layouts of the other languages, Debian 9 for AMD APU and VirtualBox.