OpenSCADA generic embedding and programmable logical controllers (PLC). OpenSCADA adaption to the hardware platform ARM.

01.02.2012 17:41 Age: 12 yrs
Category: SolutionActive solution

By: Roman Savochenko

Single Board PC/104 Computer

Implemented in many embedded solutions and continued to be implement in new ones, is appended for:

  • new solutions;
  • performance measurements for the processing systems used by OpenSCADA;
  • properties for the storages related to OpenSCADA.

Founded: October 2008

Members: Roman Savochenko

Description: This project is dedicated for the generic conception of OpenSCADA embedding to different hardware and creation of: runtime environments of PLC, PLC firmware and hardware configurations of specialized PLC's. Considered embedding to systems based on architectures x86 and ARM.