On September, 27-30th 2011 in city Kiev (Ukraine) the international innovation forum and On October 1 the conference of developers and users of the free software and exhibition of free software solutions took place.

25.09.2011 08:52 Age: 12 yrs
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By: Roman Savochenko

On the stand of Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University (DSTU) and Co. Ltd. NPC "DІYA" within the international innovation forum was presented to a number of solutions and materials OpenSCADA.

There, 1th October, was read the report about automation solutions based on OpenSCADA on the conference, and also the number of the solutions was presented on exhibition.

The forum and exhibition was present the following OpenSCADA solutions:

  • Dynamic models of of technological processes and their control systems: Gas compressor station for six compressors, steam multifuel boiler unit BKZ-160.
  • The model and controller (ICP_DAS) of the ACS of ball mill for coal grinding for the boilers of thermal power station.
  • OpenSCADA on the mobile devices: Nokia N800, N950.
  • OpenSCADA on the industrial controllers: ICP_DAS LP-8781, LP-5141.