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Monday 25. February 2019

DDoS on the OpenSCADA server (finished) !!!

Attention, the server of the project OpenSCADA is currently under influence of a DDoS attack, which started at 22.02 05:00 GMT, so there may be short lacks of response!

The attack have finished on the 62920 registered zombie hosts of the attacking botnet and the hosts cleared from the duplicates and their are listed in this file![more]

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Sunday 24. February 2019

API of the unified implementation of the DAQ-templates

API of the unified implementation of the DAQ-templates has been implemented, applied and substantially tested.

Currently, this API is applied on the primary modules of the subsystem "Data acquisition", that is LogicLev, ModBus, Siemens, and as an optional feature for the controller object of the JavaLikeCalc module. From modules of other subsystems to the templates support, the protocol modules UserProtocol, ModBus and the graphical interface module WebUser have been adapted. Moreover, the use of templates in the modules UserProtocol and WebUser conceptually improved their functions and expanded the ability to create complex templates.[more]

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