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Written on: 18. 10. 2012 [11:54]
Roman Savochenko
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In this section of the developers' forum the registered users have opportunity to take the lead in forming the tasks for subsequent implementation by the developers.

The section serves to targeted fundraising and relevance evaluation for implementing some labor-intensive functions or extensions to OpenSCADA. In contrast to section Features and service request, of public forum, here forming is labor-intensive tasks which are not needed by the developer, but are relevant for OpenSCADA users and they are ready to take a direct part or to finance the implementation of the work.

The task created by developer or registered user by new topic creation. Next, the developer estimates complexity and creates poll on relevance of the topic and collection funds, if the user is not willing to finance entire development. After finishing fundraising the developer moves topic in appropriate section implementation and start working. The developer can start implementing without waiting for full funds collection in high relevance of the theme, thus accomplishing part of the job at his own expense. As fundraising information on progress may be published in the first message.

Confirmation to finance the work part or all is money transfer to developers, showing appointment.

Learn, learn and learn better than work, work and work.

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