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Adapting OpenSCADA to work on OS MS Windows

Do you need OpenSCADA work on OS MS Windows?
No, for me work on OS Linux enough
7 of 15 replies (47%)
Yes, but I cannot to fund for the work
1 of 15 replies (7%)
Yes, and I will help in the adapting and testing
3 of 15 replies (20%)
Yes, and I will fund for the work
4 of 15 replies (27%)

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Written on: 22. 10. 2012 [17:04]
Roman Savochenko
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Base: Plan and actuality
Funding: Raise: 2000$+6000$
Priority: low
State: Fundraising (0%) and actuality polling

Adapting to build and work OpenSCADA on OS MS Windows is compared easy due to the development process base on open and multi-platform technologies, but some parts, like DAQ modules, needs for hard adapting and also for the development and next support needs purchase commercial OS and some other programs.

Fundraising is doing for two work stages:
1. OpenSCADA core and main modules adapting for build and work from Wine — ~10days = 2000$
2. Build and run OpenSCADA into real environment of OS MS Windows. Adapting most popular but specific for software platform OpenSCADA modules. Prepare distributive of OpenSCADA for MS Windows — ~ 30days = 6000$

If the fundraising will fail then first stage will realized all the same for nominal other software platform support providing but without distribution prepare and free support through OpenSCADA forum.

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